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How To Order

Not sure how to buy medicines from our online pharmacy, just go through "how to place order" that makes you understand how you can place your order with ease. US Generic Store is designed with spontaneous and attractive interface conducting appropriate and simple shopping experiences. At our online pharmacy, you can buy prescription medicines by uploading your prescriptions or by selecting your products from the lists of drugs accessible on the website.

• At first, you should register yourself by creating an account on our website.
• You can place your order by simply uploading your prescription at the website or selecting the products available in the categories lists available on the website.
• Once you uploaded your prescription or selected your products; you should click on the "ADD TO CART BUTTON". Then, you should click the Proceed button to check out from there
• Once you checked out from there, a form will appear on the screen where you should all the compulsory details of the user.
• After you filled the form, you have to make payment against your order via the "E-CHECK and western union money transfer".
• First, you must try to use E-CHECK mode of payment, as it will offer some saving on your purchase, or else, you can also pay the amount by western union money transfer.
• Once you did with your payment, you need to click on "PLACE ORDER" for final verification of your order.

As soon you placed an order at our website, you will get a confirmation email or SMS and we will dispatch your order within 48 hours once it is processed. You can track your order from the customer care support system or via "Track Your Order" choice available on the website.