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Eye Care

Eyes speak a lot and they are considered as one of the most effective and expressive ways of communication even without saying any word. Thus, eyes should not only be beautiful and expressive but these should be healthy and fine without any complication. However, there are some situations where you cannot do anything and your eyes may catch infections. Sometimes, seasonal allergies may happen, any infection may happen in your eyes because of any cosmetic product while many other situations happen where you want to have flattering and stunning eyes from makeup point of view. There comes the need for products to enhance the beauty and so false lash enhancers are used that may cause eye complications many times. Hence, various medications are used to treat such conditions and even used to make your eyes appealing by making your short and lacking eyelashes dark, long and thick.

Varied brands for the treatment and management of ophthalmic complications and enhancement of eye beauty are accessible by the name of Acular, Latim, 9 PM eye drop, Latanoprost eye drop, Chibroxin-Norflox eye drop, Ciplox, Blephamide, Tobran, Voltaren, Mydral, Lotemax, Trusopt, Lumigan, Ganfort, Alphagan, Azopt eye drop, Combigan, Betaxolol, and many others are available along with herbal kajal as one of the widely used products.

Buy eye care products online at affordable rates from our drug portal for making your eyes beautiful and disease free.

  • Buy Betaxolol HCl Eye Drop

    Betaxolol HCL


    Betaxolol Opthalmic Generic

  • Combigan Eye Drops



    Combigan (BRIMONIDINE+TIMOLOL 0.2-0.5 5ml Bottle )

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