Pregnancy is very beautiful and special phase of women live, but only when they are ready for it. Not every woman is ready to have their own biological child in early years of marriage; some couple does perfect planning of everything like when they want a baby, etc. Nowadays, before welcoming a child into the world, they both want to be economically strong and mentally ready to take the biggest opportunity. Hence, for that, they used to take caution for the time being they do not want a baby. But somehow, an accident happens and they took the name of unwanted gestation. In that awkward situation of life, the couple looks forward to abortion and start finding a suitable method for termination. The search for abortion method ends with the medical method of termination with RU486 pill.

RU486 is brand of Mifepristone abortion pill indicated for the termination of 7 weeks of pregnancy when women are not ready to continue with the pregnancy. It is one of the best abortion pills choose by women for concluding their fetus. The medical method of abortion always approved a safe, secure and reliable method of termination as it does not include the use of any surgical instrument. Moreover, it provides privacy to the women as it can be performed at home in a secretive manner.

Mifepristone the active functional component belongs to the anti-progesterone class of drug. The drug causes the obstruction of progesterone hormone that is essential women hormone required for the pregnancy continuation. Furthermore, this pill causes the shedding of the outer covering of uterus which causes the easy removal of the fetus by crafting them softer in nature. At the end, uterus contraction may cause the fetus removal out of the womb.

RU486 pill comes in a pack of 3 tablets of 200mg of Mifepristone. The women have to take three tablets of Mifepristone 200mg orally with an enormous amount of water subsequent to health checkup on the third day of abortion. If complete abortion does not happen then women have to consume two tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg vaginally followed by health checkup.

RU486 may cause some adverse effects like as of breast tenderness, body pain, heavy vaginal bleeding, vomiting, pelvic pain, irregular bleeding, stomach upset, nausea, spotting, more watery discharge and headache.

Therefore, women are suggested to have complete bed rest and have to devour healthy food while abortion. Before pursuing abortion with RU486, make sure that your pregnancy is not of ectopic kind. Do not devour alcohol or avoid smoking while performing an abortion with RU486. Do not abide any IUD device for the persistence of birth control during an abortion. Try to avoid the physical contact with a partner until thorough abortion does not happen. You must have to avoid swimming, diving, weightlifting and gym action while abortion.

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