Pregnancy is a one-step further for any woman after marriage that every woman or a couple wishes to achieve naturally. Some have to struggle for it a little bit but some have to fight for more to achieve the same stage that makes them lose the hope of parenthood because of infertility condition. A couple tries to conceive successfully but fails even after trying for a year without using any protection are said to be diagnosed with infertility condition after diagnosis. The best suggested medical regimen for treating the condition of infertility is accessible by the name of Pregnyl.

Pregnyl description:

Pregnyl is an injectable formulation that is immensely used worldwide for the successful treatment of infertility condition. Pregnyl is not only for women but also for men in improving the chances of fertility during infertility condition. A woman with ovulation difficulties and men with low sperm count are generally prescribed the Pregnyl regimen during the treatment of infertility.

Pregnyl is a remarkable brand that consists of HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) as the functional moiety, which is prepared synthetically and acts similar to the naturally produced gonadotropin that assists in sustaining the pregnancy and released in the urine of a pregnant woman through the placenta. Thus, during infertility condition, Pregnyl (HCG) is given externally to manage the maturation and release of eggs from female ovaries to manage ovulation process while in men, Pregnyl helps in increasing the sperm count by boosting the production of testosterone hormone. Since sperm and eggs are universal part to make a pregnancy, so Pregnyl medication is given to maintain the both wherever is needed during infertility condition.

Dosing schedule of Pregnyl:

Pregnyl comes in injection form with 2000IU, 5000IU and 10,000IU dosage strengths. These injections are given depending on the patient’s conditions either with an intramuscular (I.M.) route or through subcutaneous (S.C.) route. The general dosing schedule involves administration of 5000 to 10,000IU dose at the mid of the cycle in women after one day of giving the last dose of menotropins. Men are given the dose of 500 to 1000IU for three times in a week for the period of three weeks. Continue the same dose now for two times in a week for the next three weeks duration.

Never overdose the medication or alter the dosing regimen else, this may cause serious complications. Few generally observed side effects of Pregnyl include indigestion, headache, nausea, edema, acne, mood swings, abdominal discomfort, breast tenderness, fatigue, acne, irritability, or water retention. Women may encounter with multiple pregnancies due to overstimulation of ovaries that can be risky to both the babies and the mother. Hence, precaution should be taken care while relying on Pregnyl medication along with the following noteworthy points-

• Children, geriatric people, nursing mothers and pregnant women should not take Pregnyl.
• It is cautious to take Pregnyl if you are allergic to any constituent of Pregnyl medication.
• Patients with epilepsy, migraine, asthma, breast or ovary and prostate cancer, liver, heart, kidney, or bleeding disorder should not take Pregnyl.

Thus, let the hormonal help of Pregnyl makes it possible for you to conceive. Buy Pregnyl online at reasonable rates from our drug portal with exciting offers and safe home shipping.