Eyes are one of the beautiful senses that every living entity has on earth but eyelashes and eyebrows are blessed to only species in the world and one of that species is Homo sapiens means “the human”. Eyelashes over the eyes of the person not only protect the eyes from the dust, dirt, any bacteria or any injury due to sudden fall of something in the eyes.

Eyes without eyelashes look round, small and a bit of scary to look at, whereas eyes with long natural lashes look bigger, brighter, and attractive and enhance your looks. We especially working women are in habit of wearing everyday makeup routine that is eyeliner, mascara, and lip color. Without these touch-ups, we do not prefer to step out the house. But these cosmetics later turns the cause of your eyelash fall or result in a condition called hypotrichosis of eyelashes.

Falling of eyelashes is a disease and soon it is cured the result will be best. One such medication that treats the excessive fall of eyelashes is Careprost/Latisse Eye drops. People those who have eyelashes weaker in strength, dull in color and lesser in density can now upgrade the condition of their eyelashes by daily using the topical formulation Careprost Eye Drop consisting active ingredient Bimatoprost. Using this medication for about 8-12 weeks boost up the growth of eyelashes over the eyes and make your looks attractive.

Mode of action of Careprost Eye Drop:

Using this topical formulation daily dilates the dermal papilla of the eye, enhances the melanin synthesis and extends the Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle making the eyelashes longer, darker and fuller in looks, which everyone appears to have.

The manner to use Careprost Eye Drop:

Follow these guidelines whilst using medication:

• Wash your face and hands with a mild face wash
• Apply a thin layer of Careprost eye medication over the eyelid contour and allows the solution to get adsorbed
• Apply medication only on the upper eyelid
• Let the solution rest over eyes for the whole night

Side effects of using Careprost Eye Drop:

A person using the ophthalmic solution Careprost get the following side effects such as itching, sweltering, painfulness, dryness, watering, and feeling of some discomfort in the eye.

Cautionary steps you can take with Careprost Eye Drop:

Put these cautions in mind:

• Take your makeup and false eyelashes out of your eyes
• Take the contact lens out from your eye if you use them
• Give 10 minutes gap between two different eye medications being used for two different purposes
• Do not use medicine if in case you are allergic to medication
• Do not use medicine if you have undergone any surgery, injury, or stitching around the eye

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