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Birth Control

Birth control is a phenomenon that has caught pace over time and is increasing by day's end. Even though almost every woman has the desire of being a mother someday, but they now understand the importance of timing a pregnancy more than ever. The upbringing of a child in today's day and age is a hard job to pull off given the inflation etc and women have become more cautious about their needs and desires as it is important to be wanting to become a mother rather than accidentally stepping on it. To buy more time or to get pregnant at a point when the couple considers appropriate can only be made possible by Birth Control. The world has seen a change for better, as more and more women have the necessary right to think about themselves, their aspiration and plan accordingly. This whole structure is only possible because of advent to birth control measures like patches, abstinence, shots, implants, vasectomy, vaginal rings, sponge, diaphragm female and male condoms, IUD and pills. Out of all these measures, contraceptive pills are preferred more by women as they provide surety and efficacy, making women get the power of being a mother when she wants.

Birth control pills contain two hormones that regulate pregnancy in women, namely Estrogen and Progesterone. These two naturally occurring hormones have a very important role to play in the reproductive process and sustenance and development of pregnancy. There are mainly two ways by which a birth control pill exerts its effects, one is through making the cervix viscous enough to stop the propagation of male sperm, this prevents Ovulation. The other mode of working is by prohibiting the uterine lining so that the implantation of a fertilized egg is hindered and the ovulation is stopped from occurring. These pills come in a pack of either 21-pill or 28-pills. The correct dosing procedure is mentioned in the information leaflet provided. A few notable birth control pills that are available at our store are Dronis, MTP Kit, Ovral G, Mircette, Femilon, RU486, Unwanted 72, Yasmin, Yaz, Ovral L, Dianette and Plan B, Cytotec etc.

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